How to Use Bluestacks Tweaker (Latest Version)

You must have heard about Bluestacks right? What about the Bluestacks tweaker? The former is one of our favorite Android emulators and the latter is its sibling. Kidding aside!

But what I want to show here is something you will find useful if you are a big fan of Bluestacks. So, do you know that you can actually get more from Bluestacks using its tweaker? Heard it for the first time?

Follow me as we go along with this short but useful tutorial. – Zaker Dubai

What is Bluestacks Tweaker?

Bluestacks tweaker – from the word itself, is a tool to modify Bluestacks. Even the older versions of Bluestacks can be rooted in this tool.

It is responsible for all the changes you want to implement the Bluestacks itself. BS Tweaker has the capability to give you an unlimited free recharge and loot.

You can also get a premium version of Bluestacks and disable some of annoying ads (if there are any) one you have rooted it using BS tweaker.

How to Use BS Tweaker

The first thing you need to do is, of course, download bluestacks offline installer and the BS tweaker. Once you have rooted Bluestacks, you may now modify it.

#1. Open Bluestacks and BS tweaker at the same time.

#2. If you have installed applications on Bluestacks and wanted to install again, you need to uninstall it first. But you must first change the device ID for loot purposes.

#3. Then, move to BS tweaker and find GUID.

#4. You will also see the button for Random or Change, click on it to change the GUID.

#5. Now, you will see the Android ID. There will also be a Google Ad ID.

#6. Click on Change button.

#7. Restart the Bluestacks and begin installing the apps which you have just uninstalled.

Congrats! If you want to earn more, all you need to do is repeat the process as many times as you want.

Learn how to install Bluestacks 4 the easy way. Watch this video!

In Conclusion

It’s good to know that there is Bluestacks tweaker that will help you increase your chance of earning unlimited recharge. Leave me a comment if you have something to ask. I will try to help you as much as I can.